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Sustainability is future readiness. Aligning technological, social and environmental aspects in a well-defined business model is key to your future success. Together, we evaluate the intervention points of your innovative product idea and take it to the next level with data-driven readiness checks to reduce the risk of failure.
This includes:



PROBLEM SOLUTION FIT – Product Development
Very good products are created when they optimally satisfy the needs of the users. We help you (e.g. with design thinking and lean startup methods) to turn your ideas into excellent products which have a positive impact.



    A business model explains how a company works and makes money. We help you find the right business model for your innovation and to make strategic decisions based on it for launching and scaling frontier tech products or services in potential new business areas.

    Getting funding is a special need in context of business design and means to fulfill a specific stakeholder need by showing a deep understanding of your own as well as the investor's business – whether as an intra- or entrepreneur. We support you to become investor ready in both cases.

TEAM PARTNER FIT – Ecosystem Building
Successful innovations arise in ecosystems that promote interdisciplinary and professional exchange. In addition to inspiration for further product development, they offer the opportunity for personal development and for knowledge transfer, as well as the identification of potential business partners. Depending on the objective, we develop with you a concept for setting up your own community.

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