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We look for simple solutions to complex problems. But these are mostly wrong because they don't take into account the multidimensional nature of the problem.


Demanding solutions is also easy, but making them marketable as products is not. Because here, too, more and more dimensions are opening up than we can even imagine at the beginning.


By that, we have already described very well how COSMICGOLD works: according to a systemic approach in an interdisciplinary ecosystem. These two elements are the basis for product solutions and economically stable companies. But COSMICGOLD even goes one step further: We really lay the foundation that technological fiction can become reality.

COSMICGOLD Systemic Overview Regenerative Business

To achieve this fundamental impact, we take a holistic view of the interactions and interrelationships involved in product development and venture building. In this way, ecological and social problems are not simply shifted, but real disruptive innovations are created within the framework of "regenerative businesses". These types of companies create long-term value for stakeholders and society as a whole.


So what we do is: Don't talk, act.


Product Market Fit

A market can only emerge from very good products when they are combined with impact measurement, systems thinking and effectuation. This is how we reduce the risk of failure and ensure that resources are used effectively. At the same time, we also see and understand the positive and negative effects of building a fundamentally sustainable business.

Problem Solution Fit

Very good products are very good because they create real value instead of just being useful. To do this, we need a deep understanding of user needs and the ability to react quickly to changes. User-centric design and agile product development are therefore already state of the art.

COSMICGOLD System Core Regenerative Business

Team Partner Fit

Achieving all of this requires strong founders within an ecosystem who value each other's skills and contribute to the common vision. It is not just a matter of using methods correctly, but of taking responsibility for one another. Like the formation of cosmic gold, where different elements come together - we need diverse people to set off together to discover new worlds.


Why this triad?
Because disruptive deep tech – as the name suggests – is rarely just a simple idea. It is the combination of many individual elements. A combination of expertise and what we know as the innovator's dilemma: developing their own market. Because new technologies or materials depend on the development and implementation of new processes and infrastructures. Therefore, it takes a long time before these products are used. On average, 10 to 15 years. But if we wait too long now, such innovations will come too late for our children's future.

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