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Findings mean consequences. We as modern humanity recognize far more than we change. Recognition has become an end in itself.

COSMICGOLD goes a different way.
We not only recognize, we draw conclusions and act. We implement corporate ownership in the sense of this original idea. For us, it is more than a mere word. It is a process that connects everything, generating progressive innovation in the process. Like a Kilonova, the collision of a neutron star with its neighbor, that forms completely new heavy elements for our lives.


This life is complex - and complexity is beauty. Because it contains so many opportunities that want to become reality. We see them. Together with you, we take responsibility for them and connect them to a multidimensional whole.

For this we need cosmic gold. Because it's one of the elements created by Kilonovae. It is the basis for many physical processes and is therefore an indispensable part of technology. As a primary substance, it stands for the principle of life on earth, which is constantly being created anew. And that we must protect. And that's why COSMICGOLD creates entrepreneurial actions from scientific findings.


We help scientists, software developers and engineers to design their impact-driven businesses and become entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to become the world's best venture studio for regenerative deep tech businesses.

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